Whiz is leading a new movement in Cobotics

As the first commercial cleaning cobot, Whiz is here to work collaboratively with cleaning teams, paving the way for smarter cleaning and happier, healthier work environments.

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What if we took the very best of humans and machines and combined them to create a powerful new way of working?

That’s the idea behind cobotics

With less staff and more demanding targets, efficiently managing cleaning teams has never been harder. Cobotics is the smart solution. Cobots like Whiz are operated by and work alongside your existing cleaning teams, taking on the heavy laborious tasks they dislike and giving them the time to focus on more vital tasks.

Why Cobotics

The time for collaboration is here

Smarter buildings of the future demand smarter ways to clean – cobotics is the start of an innovative new era in cleaning. An era where Whiz, the first collaborative robot (or cobot), tackles the bulk of heavy, repetitive tasks and perform them consistently. Where people enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment, where businesses are more efficient and where a cleaner’s well-being is a priority.

Whiz helps cleaners do more

It excels at large areas of vacuuming, leaving your cleaners to focus on more vital cleaning and sanitising tasks.

Smarter health

Whiz is a vacuum sweeper so therefore delivers a deeper carpet clean. Using Whiz every day will see a reduction in hidden dust and so can create a more hygienic environment that benefits all.

Cobotic Business Sense

  • Asset 1
    Asset 1

    Measurable business results

    A consistent deeper carpet clean that can be tracked and measured.

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    Asset 1

    Reduced churn and health issues

    Cobots take on the repetitive tasks that weigh heavily on cleaning teams.

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    Asset 1

    An optimised, hybrid workforce

    That works in harmony, each playing to their strengths.

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    Boost in job satisfaction

    Cleaners enjoy their work more when they spend less time on laborious tasks.