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  • Why wellbeing in FM makes business sense

    Let’s be honest – engaging frontline staff in facilities management was tough, even before COVID-19.

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  • Get comfortable with the new drivers for commercial cleaning

    The FM and cleaning industry is under more pressure than ever before as a result of COVID-19.

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  • Agility and resilience – the new differentiator in FM and commercial cleaning

    By Simon Jacobs, Marketing Director, Softbank Robotics EMEA Much like health and social care workers who have…

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  • 12 Steps to Accelerate your Cobotic Journey

    Growing numbers of FM providers and cleaning contractors are turning to cobotics to improve performance and meet heightened demand for cleaning in response to COVID-19.

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  • Cobotic strategy must start with people and culture

    An increasing number of FM providers and cleaning contractors are turning to cobotics to drive performance and consistency in their service delivery and to meet rapidly evolving client demands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • Removing the capex barrier in FM innovation

    With the FM and cleaning industry facing enormous pressure to improve cleaning performance in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for innovation and fresh approaches to service delivery has never been so great or so urgent.

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  • Measurement matters more during COVID-19

    A lot has been said and written about the need for the cleaning industry to adapt to the challenge presented by COVID-19.

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  • Solving the Productivity Problem in cleaning… with Whiz

    The FM industry plays a crucial role in creating workplace environments that enhance productivity across a wide…

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  • IFMA webinar: Getting into the nuts and bolts of cobotics

    On Tuesday this week we had our second webinar in partnership with IFMA, with another high calibre panel.

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  • IFMA webinar: Cobotic food for thought

    The introduction of cobotics will be game-changing for the FM industry… but the journey to adoption is challenging and FM leaders need help and guidance along the way.