See how Whiz can save you time and money

See how Whiz can save you time and money

Whiz is an autonomous vacuum sweeper that works collaboratively with cleaners.

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The time and money Whiz can save your business depends on a few factors. Please answer the following questions to see how Whiz can help.

Firstly - what kind of space will you be vacuuming?

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Based on the selection made, how large is the floor space to be vacummed per day?

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What is your average hourly rate for cleaning staff?

* We understand that the hourly rate is not the total cost of an employee - you need to factor in various other costs of employment and benefits. That is why we multiply the wage by 125% to represent the true cost. We don't factor in, however, sick time replacements or cost of hire if staff churn is high.

Simply click here and one of our team will carry out a tailored estimate and demo.

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