Whiz on shortlist for prestigious Innovation Award at Interclean Online 2020

Whiz, the autonomous vacuum sweeper from SoftBank Robotics EMEA and ICE Robotics EMEA, nominated in Machines category – winner to be announced on 12th May

Whiz, the autonomous vacuum sweeper from SoftBank Robotics EMEA and ICE Robotics EMEA, nominated in Machines category

5th May, London and Amsterdam

Whiz, Europe’s first cobotic industrial autonomous vacuum sweeper, has been nominated in the Machines category at the prestigious Interclean Innovation Awards 2020.

The winner will be announced during an online webinar on 12th May with registration still available.

Whiz has been brought to the European cleaning and facility management industry through a strategic partnership between SoftBank Robotics EMEA and ICE Robotics, the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative cleaning machines in EMEA.

Whiz is a simple to use and reliable self-driving cleaning solution designed for soft-surface vacuuming. Whiz removes the need for cleaning teams to spend a large proportion of their time vacuuming vast areas of floor and instead allows them to focus on other tasks, such as the deep cleaning of hard surfaces, something which is critical to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

Whiz is Europe’s first cobot, a collaborative robot which carries out repetitive or strenuous tasks usually performed by employees, but they work alongside staff, not in their place. Cobots deliver significantly improved cleaning performance and consistency, leading to higher servicing levels and greater productivity.

Stefano Bensi, GM at SoftBank Robotics EMEA, said:  “This is a fantastic endorsement of Whiz and the benefits that it is already delivering to the industry. Whiz is agile, scalable and rapid to deploy, exactly what organisations will require as they look to adapt to a very different marketplace post COVID-19. Cobotics represents a new approach to innovation, one which looks beyond technology to re-invent commercial and operational models and deliver game-changing commercial outcomes.”

With Whiz, cleaning contractors can improve cleaning performance, With Whiz, cleaning contractors can improve cleaning performance, demonstrate the value of innovation and create differentiation in the market. The industry-first ‘cobot as a service’ purchasing model means more control on cost and reduces high capital expenditure which is such a barrier to innovation in the cleaning industry.

Commenting on the category finalists, Michelle Marshall, Chair of the Awards panel and Chief Editor of European Cleaning Journal, said: “The concept of cobotics where human beings are working alongside a machine… is a real step change in the industry.”

Whiz is already being successfully implemented by carefully selected innovation-led businesses across EMEA, who have been given special access to the product ahead of the full launch. These include WeWork and Westin Hotels and Resorts, and leading facilities management companies such as ISS and Sodexo. Whiz is also being deployed by market-leading airports, office services suppliers and retail groups. It is commercially available across the EMEA market from May 2020.  

Alexander Schless, CEO at ICE Robotics EMEA, said: “Whiz is one of the most exciting innovations in the cleaning industry in over 20 years.  Not only is the product compelling, but the ‘as a Service’ business model is revolutionary. Whiz will help cleaning contractors to overcome ongoing staffing challenges and drive performance as they re- shape their operations over the coming months and years.”

Find out more about Whiz here.

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